Thursday, May 17, 2007


Being an older medical student certainly has its advantages and disadvantages. Maybe later I'll expand on what I think that means, but I think one issue that I deal with here are those moments that are truly bittersweet. These times are when you get to revisit some semblance of your past, when life was normal and you get to see the light at the end of the tunnel. However, at the same time, you realize how much you left behind and currently don't get to do as a medical student because you spend so much of you time studying or in clinic. Obviously, these experiences are both good and bad. We had an event last night to celebrate finishing 2nd year of medical school, marking a huge achievement and transition into what should be a more fun time. It was at an awesome estate with tons of food and drink. It's not like I used to go to parties like this on a regular basis, just that my former life granted the opportunity to do that more often. Despite the nostalgia the experience stirred, it also served as a great source of motivation to keep plugging along and to know that soon enough, I'll be there again and this time won't be haunted by the thoughts of "what might have been" if I had only chosen another career path.

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Momo said...

Is the contrast between med school life and normal life that bad? I'm a college senior planning on going to CCLCM next year, and I'm really excited. But until I got my accpetance that rebel part of me was getting attached to the idea of picking up my work-from-home translation business and moving to Fiji or something. Is that just normal type-A personality senioritis? Or is med school going to be miserable because I'm craving freedom?