Thursday, January 21, 2010


It's been a long time since I could ever consider coasting at anything. This journey has been long and arduous, much longer than most people know. However, with a little bit of planning and some diligent work, I have carved out a small amount of time over the next few months where the pace of things will slow down, and I won't have something hanging over me every night when I get home. I have jumped over all the the big medical school hurdles, and really all that remains is time.

Certainly there are more things left for me to experience before I am completely done, but most of these are good things, something to look forward to. The obvious landmark is Match Day, when most medical students in the US find out where they are doing their Residency. That date is exactly 8 weeks from today (March 18). That day has been almost 5 years in the making for me, so needless to say I am ready. Graduation will be the other defining moment, a day to celebrate my classmates and my accomplishments, where we will officially be conferred our MD degrees.

I am thankful for my experiences to this point, and on some level will miss my medical school time. It is not quite time for me to be completely reflective, but I am sure that time come soon.